Giacomo De Bernardi


Giacomo De Bernardi got a Bachelor degree in Mathematics at the Univeristy of Genova in September 2019 and then a Master degree in Mathematics at the University of Milano Bicocca on November 2021.

He is currently a PhD student in the PhD programme on Trustworthy AI at the University of Genova, working at CNR-IEIIT Institute in collaboration with Collins Avionics.

His main research topics concern data analytics from different fields, such as industry, aerospace and automotive, with a specific focus on Explainable Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning methods and applications.



Giacomo De Bernardi
Ph.D. Student
Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Telecommunications Engineering and Naval Architecture (DITEN)
University of Genoa, Italy
Via Opera Pia, 13
16145, Genova, Italy
Ph. +39-010-3352806